As I mentioned in the last post at my old blog, I finally have a new website. That means the URL for my blog has changed (although my main website URL,, has not changed). If you have my old blog bookmarked, please update your bookmarks with the new blog URL:
I migrated my existing blog posts to the new blog, and although the formatting may be a bit wonky in some cases and I know I have to fix some broken links, the text and images are there. I think the migration of my blog followers was successful…

By chance, this first new post at my new blog is also my 100th blog post! It’s a perfect opportunity to introduce the new website. I still have many images to upload, but as of now there are 460 Portfolio Items so there are quite a few illustrations to browse. The newly-redesigned site has a Homepage slider with 11 rotating images, an expanded About page, an FAQ page, and more. In the Projects section that I added, one can read about a handful of different projects I’ve worked on and quickly see the relevant illustrations for each.

Snippet of homepage

Snippet of homepage

If you happen to come across an error in the new content or a problem with the design, I’d be grateful if you let me know about it. It wouldn’t surprise me if there are a few grammatical errors, inconsistencies, missing images, or broken links since I’ve been working to complete it as quickly as possible. Also, the WordPress theme I’m using doesn’t allow pagination in the Portfolio, so I’d appreciate knowing if the largest sections of the Portfolio (vertebrates and invertebrates) take way too long to load. I may have to subdivide those categories further. All feedback is appreciated!

Thank you.


Gerrie Grainge

Beautiful work Emily.
I love, love ……..A forest in four seasons.
Do you sell the prints?


Thank you, Gerrie. The forest illustration isn’t currently available as a print, though I could make it available if you want.

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