Today, Canada Post released a set of stamps that bear my illustrations of the Fowler’s toad (Anaxyrus fowleri) and the Oregon spotted frog (Rana pretiosa) — two endangered amphibian species in Canada.

These are my first stamps for Canada Post. It was the kind of project I love because it (1) involved learning about wildlife; (2) required a lot of detail, which is kind of my default; and (3) showcases subjects I care about.

Endangered Frogs Stamp 400P Anaxyrus Fowleri Endangered Frogs Stamp 400P Rana Prestiosa


Working closely with the talented designer Jocelyne Saulnier of Joce Creative, I illustrated the two frog stamps as well as the Official First Day Cover, the cancellation stamp, the frog poking through duckweed for the Souvenir Sheet, and all of the booklet art, including the toad with inflated throat, the damselfly in the frog’s mouth, and the small life cycle illustrations. Jocelyne and I are both careful about the research and details; it was great to work with an art director who has a similar approach to my own.

Toad on beach illustration for Official First Day Cover

Official First Day Cover front © Canada Post

beach scene with text

Official First Day Cover back © Canada Post

Illustration of frog head poking up through duckweed, along with both stamp images

Souvenir Sheet © Canada Post

stamp booklet front cover illustration of Fowler's Toad

Booklet front cover © Canada Post

Stamp booklet pages featuring illustration of Oregon Spotted Frog eating damselfly, and stamps

Booklet pages © Canada Post

Stamp booklet cover flap featuring illustration of Fowler's toad with inflated throat

Booklet cover flap © Canada Post


John Hunt

You’ve been busy! Congratulations on your frog illustrations for Canada Post. As with all your illustrations, incredible detail. I’ve ordered the Official First Day Cover and the Souvenir Sheet from Canada Post. Is there also a booklet?

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