The Royal Canadian Mint recently released a 25-cent colored collectable coin featuring my illustration of a Sasquatch. This coin is first in a series of three Mythical Creatures designs geared toward kids.


photo of the Sasquatch coin

You can also see it at their website here. As a natural science illustrator I never expected to be asked to draw a Sasquatch, but I found it to be an engaging assignment and not all that different from reconstructing fossil life based on limited clues.


Sarah S

Hi Emily!
I like Bigfoot and I like your coin. Do you know how to draw the Abominable Snowman? That would be neat on a coin too!
Thomas (5 years)


Thanks Thomas. I have never drawn an Abominable Snowman so I would have to do some research first! I agree, that would be a good character for a coin.

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