Earlier this year I had the pleasure of working with Shelagh Smith, a horticultural therapist, to bring her vision of illustrated garden activity signs to life. It was a challenge to create illustrations with enough detail to attract attention, but simple enough to be understood from a distance.  I enjoyed going outside to use the plants in my own garden as reference material on occasion. The signs are now ready and available to be put to good use.

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Shelagh just launched a new website in order to sell the signs, which are meant to prompt garden visitors to pause and experience an aspect of the garden. She says:

Bring a richer experience of nature and smiles of delight to your garden visitors in care homes, hospitals, social service agencies, schools, work places, community gardens, and public display gardens.

Paying attention to nature provides abundant benefits to health and well-being. For starters: reduce stress, depression and pain, and improve mood, creativity and concentration.

Allow garden activity signs to lead the way!

The illustrations are printed on decals and adhered to sturdy plastic signs with long stakes.IMG 4498 e1505244657536

If you know of a garden anywhere in the world that could use these signs, please let the garden manager know about Shelagh’s website, gardenactivitysigns.com. All 12 of the illustrations are there, as well as below.

Damstra HarvestaFewDamstra ListenForMeDamstra LookCloselyDamstra LookUpDamstra PickOneorTwoDamstra PlantMeDamstra RemoveSeedPodsDamstra RubandSniffDamstra SmellMeDamstra SweepAroundMeDamstra TouchMeDamstra WaterMe




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