A few years ago I created a simplified vector illustration (not something I often do) of a couple Late Cretaceous dinosaurs for use by the University of Waterloo Earth Sciences Museum. Now, this image can be seen wandering around the streets of Waterloo and beyond on the side of the Museum’s van.

The University of Waterloo's Earth Sciences Museum Van, bearing my dinosaur illustrations

The University of Waterloo’s Earth Sciences Museum Van, bearing my illustration of Albertosaurus and Parasaurolophus

The coloration of the animals in the vehicle decal isn’t quite true to my original; you can see a better color version of theĀ  image at the bottom of the Museum’s website.

By request, my illustration is based upon an original sketch by the Museum’s Curator, Peter Russell. This sketch can still be seen on the the entrance doors to the University’s EIT building, which houses the wonderful little museum.


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