damstra lucky loonie

This is my photograph of the coin I designed, the 2012 Lucky Loonie.

As described in my previous post, this is Canada’s 2012 Lucky Loonie, a circulating one dollar coin (the reverse side of which I designed). According to this news report, it was unveiled at Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame and distributed to all of Canada’s 2012 Olympic athletes as a good luck charm (see photo here). Apparently, a loonie buried at center ice at the 2002 Olympic hockey games brought good luck to Canada’s men’s and women’s teams. Thereafter, the Royal Canadian has produced a special circulation coin for each Olympic games. Five million of these special 2012 loonies are out there!

One of the Mint’s commercials featuring the lucky loonie is here.

A Mint representative talks about the coin on CTV Morning Live here, although he describes the loon as taking off in flight when in fact it is doing a territorial display.

Another news segment about the coin is here.

Update August 13: My local newspaper, The Record, published an article about myself and the coin here today.



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