canada geese gold coin

Canada Geese gold coin design for Royal Canadian Mint

I’m excited to report that the Royal Canadian Mint just released a new gold collector coin featuring my design of some Canada Geese. See a better image of the coin at the Mint’s website here. I created the design of the reverse only; I did not create the design of Queen Elizabeth on the obverse and I did not do the engraving. This is my first coin design.


Rick Carter

That is beautiful! Here’s hoping you get a percentage of every coin minted. 🙂

What medium did you use for your original design? Any chance you could post a photo of that?


Thank you, Rick. I used plain ol’ graphite for the original drawing, with some modifications digitally. If I could post it I would….

Glendon Mellow

w000t! Beautiful, Emily! Congratulations. Our nephew has begun collecting coins, and since he has met you I’ll be sure to point it out to him when he is looking images of them over.


Oh Emily….it looks fabulous! A great way to remember all the geese you had to count on our monitoring walks..

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