Coin World is a website and magazine that deals with all facets of numismatics. Coin World also has a podcast where hosts Jeff Starck and Chris Bulfinch discuss coins, delve into numismatic history, and interview people who are involved in numismatics. Sometimes the interviewees are coin designers; in Episode 52 I was invited to speak about about my experiences designing coins for the United States and for Canada. The interview can be heard here; it begins approximately 24 minutes in.

Jeff and Chris asked some great questions, and though I did my best to give coherent answers, I thought of much better replies long after the interview ended. Sigh. I anticipated that would happen, and decided I should do the interview anyway, since I think it is important to go outside of my comfort zone once in awhile. (In this case, my comfort zone would have been answering all the questions in writing.) 🙂