original goldenrod painting

life-size watercolor and gouache painting on watercolor board
matted and framed w/ a double-thick archival white mat, a substantial wood frame, and Museum glass
Image size: 23.25 x 36 inches
Framed size: 36 x 50 inches

Please note that I am not willing to ship this work due to its size. It is available for local delivery or pick up only.

This painting is the result of a year-long endeavor involving some intensive research and time out in the field. A grant from the Access Copyright Foundation allowed me the time to study and illustrate Solidago altissima and some of the many insects and other animals associated with it over the course of four seasons. I’ve come to think of Late goldenrod (along with some of its closely-related cohorts) as a biodiversity superhero—a species that supports the lives of many other species. Thus, this beautiful native plant is valuable to our wildlife and should be treasured, not reviled as a worthless weed or inaccurately maligned for causing hay fever. This painting shows fifty other species (or signs of them)—mostly insects—that utilize the goldenrod. Some are completely reliant on the goldenrod during a stage in their life cycle. These include a variety of insects that cause galls on goldenrod leaves, flowers, or stems, as well as the wasps that parasitize those insects. I can provide an identification guide for the 50 associates to the buyer.